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Honda Accord Transmission Dual Linear Solenoid 1997-2007

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • OE Number: 28250-P6H-024;28250-PCJ-003

  • Industrial No: 98990NS
  • Guarantee the Electromagnetic Actuator is OE color from OE supplier, not Aftermarket yellow, grey or black color

  • Offer a New Packing - 28252-PAX-000 and three New O-ring - 91301-PC9-003

  • Redesign the structure inside to improve oil leakage, magnetic force and fatigue life

For application:

HONDA ACCORD (NON V6) 1998-2002
HONDA ACCORD V6            1998-2007
HONDA ODYSSEY                 1998-2006
HONDA PILOT                      2003-2005
HONDA PRELUDE                 1997-2001
ACURA CL                             1998-1999
ACURA CL                             2001-2003
ACURA MDX                         2001-2002
ACURA TL                             1999-2006

Tested items:

  • Fatigue Life - Ten Million
  • High -120℃ and Low temperature -20℃ Environment 72Hrs
  • Drop from a high location
  • Vibration Test
  • Oil Leak Test
  • Sweep Test
  • Road Test
  • Salt Spray Test

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