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SINS Five Year Celebration of Anniversary
The office in SINS will be closed  on  Nov, 1st, and reopen on Nov, 2nd. Thanks.

Honda and Acura Transmission Shift Solenoids 2002-2015
28400-PRP-004, 28500-PRP-004, 28400-RDK-003, 28500-RDK-003, 28500-RJB-004, 28400-RPC-003, 28500-RPC-003, 28400-RCT-003, and 28500-RCT-003

SINS will be off during May 27th to 30th due to holidays, and open on May 31th.

SINS moved all factories from Tainan to Taichung.

03.07.2016Acura TL BAS 3.0 and PRE 3.0 Transmission Dual Linear Solenoid 1997

02.19.2016Honda Civic Fit Transmission Dual Linear Solenoid 2826-RG5-004 - Plastic Valve Body

02.01.2016SINS will close the office during Chinese New Year, Feb 5th to 14th and reopen on Feb 15th.

01.04.2016 Honda Civic Fit Transmission Dual Linear Solenoid 28260-RPC-004 - Plastic Valve Body

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Case Study
37. Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche/Toyota/Lexus 09D/TR60-SN Transmission Filter and Gasket Replacement Usage

36. Volkswagen/Audi/Seat/Skoda/BMW Mini Cooper 09G/TF60-SN  09M/TF61-SN 09K/TF62-SN GA6F21WA Transmission Filter and Gasket Replacement Usage

35. Honda Acura Transmission Solenoid 28250-R90-003 Replacement Usage

34. Honda Acura Transmission Solenoid 28260-R90-004 Replacement Usage

33. Honda Acura Transmission Solenoid 28250-R97-004 Replacement Usage

1. Fatigue improvement - Bearing with twin communication grooves in stators

2.Improvement of yield rate - Join the core with plunger

3.Cost Reduction - Combine the bobbin and stem

4.Optimization of Magnetic Performance - Solenoid Valve

5. Cost Down Case of On-Off Solenoid - Extremely Cost Down

6.  How to solve the sudden down and unstable of magentic force in production

7. Structure Analysis of a New Type of Solenoid

8. Structure Analysis of a New Type of Pressure Switch