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About SINS
Company Name
Simple Design Co., Ltd.

Location     Taiping Plant - CNC, Plastic Injection, Assembly line
Employees  20
Plant Size 1500m2
Business Precision CNC, Plastic Injection Molding,
Bearing, Joining Method, Solenoid Coil,
Transmission, Engine Solenoids, Pump Solenoid, Solenoid Design and Pressure Switch Design.

Brief SINS is a professional solenoid manufacturer since 2012, and focus on OE manufacturing technique related business for OE auto fields. Initially, SINS only manufactures OE parts for OE product. Now SINS develops a new business - Aftermarket for the auto product to customers more directly with lower price and high quality. In order to achieve this goal. SINS develops new manufacturing techniques or design to reduce cost each year. This reduced cost would be offered to customers.

SINS' design idea comes from "Simple is not Simple", focuses on "Creativity". In a simple idea to achieve difficult items. SINS also receives customers' design case in OE or other markets. As a result, SINS creates many impossible products for OE and AM customers. 
When SINS creates new product, R&D people considers environment problems also. Use New manufacturing techniques or New Design to achieve "Green Environment and Lower Cost".
ISO 9001
SINS' Objectives
SINS Means Simple is not simple...Creativity...With this as our motto.

We at Tainan respond to the trust that our customers have lodged in us, by supplying quality products in anticipation of future needs and based on rational solutions.


  • SINS Corp., Ltd. established in Tainan and starts sales activity.
  • Heshun plant established and introduces six CNC lathes, and starts production of motorcycle related parts.
  • Heshun plant introduces ISO9001 and Quality Assurance System.


  • Heshun plant starts production of automotive related parts.
  • Heshun plant introduces one CNC milling machine and starts production of valve body with complex shape.
  • The bore tolerance machining can be up to 3um and concentricity is controlled in 5um.
  • Haiwei plant established and starts sales activity.
  • Haiwei plant introduces three injection molding machines and starts production of automotive and consumer goods.
  • Haiwei starts production of automotive electronics.


  • Haiwei plant researches a unique injection molding with multi-parts to reduce the production time and cost, and apply for the automotive electronics.
  • SINS Corp., Ltd. established two departments – Sales and R&D for the international business and customers.
  • SINS Corp., Ltd. developed solenoid testers with PWM duty controller for the electronics quality.
  • Heiwei planet introduces two more injection molding machines, and totally five ones.
  • Haiwei plant created a new plastic manufacturing technique to replace "Valve Body Bore Manufacturing" such as VW DSG Solenoid valve and Honda Solenoid Valve.
  • SINS added a new business and developed some Pressure Switch Products with new technology.
  • SINS begins to develop an electronic module - valve body to control the transmission.
  • Developing a new type of pressure switch by a new structure and applying a patent.
  • Developing a automated manufacturing process to reduce cost down and increase the production.
  • Move all factories from Tainan to Taichung and join together to have higher production volume and quality.
  • Developing new type of pressure switch tester to increase production volume.
  • Added much more automated machine and assembly line.